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Simplify your international payments with REasy and enjoy an unrivalled international payment experience. Together, we can help your business grow by earning the trust of our partners.

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Send and receive money within minutes not days.


We are committed to providing full transparency in all financial transactions.


We offer competitive and advantageous rates.


Execute your transaction instantly.

Unlimited Payments

Our platform enables you to make payments to your suppliers and partners without any restrictions on payment amounts.

Specialization in Central and West Africa - China

Specializing in International B2B Payments for Seamless Transactions Globally.

Security and Privacy

Our clients' security is our top priority.

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Online Payments

With REasy, make online payments with ease!

International Money Transfers

Thanks to REasy, borders are no longer a barrier for your money transfers.

Personal Financial Management

Take full control of your financial records with Reasy!

All the magic happens in three steps.

Step 1

Top up your account using local solutions such as Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money, or by using your bank card.

Select a delivery method

Choose your supplier's payment method from the following options: local bank transfer, WeChat Pay, or Alipay.

Payment validated 🥳

The supplier receives the funds in less than 10 minutes.

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